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 Way to Turn Profile Template into HTML code
So my question may seem odd at first. I have a profile template which works with CSS styling and it is coded so the post details area e.g (Name, Post count, Awards etc) all show up as profile field variables.

It's actually a Mouse hover over post details used as a signature as such.
Here is what it looks like: Show Image
Here is what i currently use (It is a solid image that i edit a template on photoshop each time but it isn't interactive or GIF): Example (I can obviously just paste the direct img tag to use this one without much coding behind it).

I want to use the first one.
Here's my site for reference. You should be able to access and preview a thread without an account.

What i would like is to know if there is a way to change this so that i can use it as an interactive signature minus the custom profile field variables (instead i will put actual information in these bits that do not relate to any sort of variable instruction etc and which i can directly adjust whenever i post the next anime show i've finished watching)

There is CSS attached to this to make it work. I want to use for an anime completion status which i will change the image of and avatar (relating to each completed anime show) each time i use it. However this will not work on other sites unless the user has that code in their stylesheet.

Is there a way to embed the CSS or host it somewhere and put it in a code so i can use it in a comment section like this and it appear normally?

How does it need to be written (without the variables) for it to work as html posting code?

All help is much appreciated.
The code for the Profile Template is as follows:

<center><div class="miniomrids"><div class="venstrepik"><script> if(!parseInt("<!-- |g_id| -->") || "<!-- |avatar| -->" == "") { document.write("<img src=''>"); } else { document.write("<!-- |avatar| -->"); }</script>class="avting"><img src="<!-- |field_17| --> " class="gifting"></div><div class="hojrepik" style="background: <!-- |field_16| --> url('<!-- |field_15| -->');"><div class="pronavn"><span style="color:<!-- |field_16| -->;letter-spacing:-4px;">//</span> <!-- |author_name| --></div><div class="underinf"><!-- |field_21| --> <span style="color:<!-- |field_16| -->;">//</span> <!-- |field_22| --> <span style="color:<!-- |field_16| -->;">//</span> <!-- |field_23| --> <span style="color:<!-- |field_16| -->;">//</span> <!-- |field_24| --> </div></div><div class="hovbob"><div class="pokestrip postbit"><a href="<!-- |id| -->"><img src="" title="View Profile" class="pokeimg postbit"><a href="<!-- |field_26| -->"><img src="" title="Building Projects" class="pokeimg postbit"><a href="<!-- |field_26| -->"><img src="" title="Taming Log" class="pokeimg postbit"><a href="<!-- |field_26| -->"><img src="" title="PVP Requests" class="pokeimg posrbit"><a href="<!-- |field_26| -->"><img src="" title="Artifact Quests" class="pokeimg postbit"><a href="<!-- |field_26| -->"><img src="" title="Trade Market" class="pokeimg postbit"></div><div class="hovbae"><div class="hovvenstre"><div class="shipstrip"><a href="<!-- |field_25| -->">Character Profile</a> <span style="color:<!-- |field_16| -->;">//</span> Achievements</div><div class="proit postbit"><!-- |awards| --></div></div><div class="hovhojre"><span style="color:<!-- |field_18| -->;"><b>Posts:</b></span><!-- |posts| -->
<span style="color:<!-- |field_16| -->;"><b>Tribe:</b></span> <span style="color:<!-- |field_16| -->;"><!-- |field_18| --></span>
<span style="color:<!-- |field_16| -->;"><b>Played by:</b></span> <!-- |field_19| -->

<div class="perstrip"><!-- |field_20| --></div></div></div></div></center>

You can find the CSS via the page source.

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