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Oct 17 2013, 07:01 PM
Hi Crystal and Jcink,

is it allowed for Forum owners to set up a test forum for the purpose of trying out new features such as skins, codes etc. This would be very convenient as I hate working on a live system. Just call me a pedantic old developer but I've never been comfortable working on live systems in a development context. If it is possible can you point me to any related documentation and perhaps advise on do's and don'ts as I am used to and perfectly willing to work to guidelines in this regard. Cheers. ph34r.gif rolleyes.gif
Sep 30 2013, 04:09 AM

I was advised on the support forum that the feature request I am submitting was indeed a feature not currently covered and I have searched for duplicate requests and found none. So I submit the following as a formal request for future search engine development consideration.

I (and members on our forum) would like to see a date range search criteria added to existing search facilities. The current functionality offers a type of date filtering however it is only in the context of a keyword or member name search. One cannot simply return all posts submitted within a given date range, regardless of a keyword/member name. It would appear that on the surface this may well be easy to implement, however I do not know the specifics of your search engine, so I understand if this is not the case. In it's simple form we would like to see a date range from current date/time to a designated point in the past, such as already offered in date filtering options. The results we would like to see are ALL posts rather than those simply matching the above-mentioned criteria. It would also be beneficial to have additional start date/end date style facilities. However this is a secondary concern and mentioned here as it is likely easier to implement at the same time as our primary feature. In this context start date simply would imply current date/time, perhaps as a reasonable default.

There is one concern here from a forum administration point of view. Control would be necessary, perhaps from the adminCP, to limit the scope of such a date range search as it would not be desirable to allow members to return a huge data set from the query. I'm sure you would share such concerns. Ideally this range limitation would be set by forum administrators as they know best what date ranges would affect board performance. I'm sure you would agree that this would vary depending on overall forum size. This is why I propose an adminCP setting as a limitation in place of one set by the search engine. It would also allow administrators to scale down the offered date range if their forum size grows quickly. So let me summarise.
  1. The inclusion of 'search from current date/time' to 'designated point in the past' in the current search facility with no other criteria requirements.
  2. If easy to implement, an additional free form date range search in the start date/end date form.
  3. An adminCP facility to control/limit date range searches to minimise forum loads.

Please feel free to post any additional questions you may have or to clarify any points I have failed to explain adequately. I look forward to your response.

PS: I was born in Scotland and live in Australia so please excuse my use of 's' where you might expect 'z' and other language differences. rolleyes.gif

Sep 29 2013, 11:01 PM
Hi there,

well I've got admit a degree of embarrassment here, as I feel I may have missed something obvious, but I, no more than anyone else can claim perfection. I make blunders too! wink.gif I am only embarrassed due to an almost 30 year involvement in software development, which usually means 'I can either work it out', or 'I can work out a workaround'. But here goes...

The forum search facility is quite detailed and has some nice options to aid filtering etc. However it seems to require either a keyword(s) or a member name. It does not seem to allow a simple search like 'all posts since/before a given date' or 'all posts in a date range'. Am I missing something? Either on the search form or maybe even perhaps a switch in the adminCP? Feeling vulnerable here, but if I'm being a complete numpty, don't hesitate to say so. rolleyes.gif

PS: I did look and search in this forum but could not find a similar query which I thought was odd and likely suggested the that I was indeed a numpty.

Sep 27 2013, 06:48 AM

in the View New Posts section is there a way (or a workaroud) to retain unread posts if one does not view all unread posts in the current session? The desirable outcome is an unread posts list comprising the unread posts from the current session (minus the ones read during current session) and posts from the time one logs off until a return login.


  1. User clicks View New Posts.
  2. 10 posts are listed of which the user reads 5.
  3. User logs off.
  4. 10 posts are made in user absence.
  5. User logs on.
  6. User clicks View New Posts.
  7. 15 posts are listed, 10 during absence , 5 unread from previous session.

Thank you for any forthcoming advice........ biggrin.gif
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