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 Welcome & Links area not lining up properly
I am going to start this off by saying that I am trying to learn how to do this whole skin coding thing. So I am not really sure what I am doing still. I know what I want but I am having trouble getting there. Right now, I have screwed things up as I did have my welcome/links area exactly how I wanted it. But then I ended up changing a few of the wrong things by accident and now I have it all messed up (because I’m not sure how I got it right in the first place.)

Here is what I am wanting to do and having troubles.

1) The height of my welcome area to be much shorter than it is. I have the area where the fontawesome icons are the height that I want. I just can’t seem to get the other three areas to match that height.

2) I am wanting to add a thin scrollbar to the Welcome box. I had added in overflow: scroll; to the css but all it does it just make the height of the box bigger. I had gotten it to have a scroll bar at one point but the scroll bar was the standard size and was way too big. I couldn’t figure out how to customize it for that area.

3) There is a light gray border area around the staff icon grid and that area as a whole. I would like for that to appear around the fontawesome grid as well so that there is a gray border around each of their squares and then between that box and the featured box.

4) The image for the featured box on the far right, I would like for that to fit a little more nicely. Similar to how the Welcome box is nice and well spaced out. As it sits right now there is more space at the top and bottom than there is on the sides.

5) Is there any way to tell what the scripts are that aren’t authorized sot hat stupid little shield in the browser bar goes away?

I’m not overly sure I am explaining it well enough but if I am I appreciate any and all help as I try and learn this process!!! Also, sorry that this is a lot. :S Let me know if anything else is needed! Thanks in advance!

Test Site Link
Screenshot 1 ** The red boxes are just a highlight on the screenshot to try and point out what I am talking about.
Screenshot 2
You need to specify a height on .welcometxt in order for the welcome box to have a scrollbar.

The images are forcing the height of the boxes to be larger, you also have fixed heights set on the parent DIV/TD elements that make them the specified height.

Try adding a border to the selector, .naviicons. The borders will make the height of the box larger, however. You can add a border-left to the .featuredparent selector to have a border in between the 3rd and 4th table cell.

Increase the padding for .featuredparent to have more space on the sides, you can have two padding values (5px 10px, for example) to have a different padding set for the top/bottom and left/right.

I think files need to be loaded with an https URL instead of an http one in order for the icon to go away.

user posted image
Alright that was really helpful and I think I got many of the issues I have fixed. BTW thanks for the tip on the script loading. That was driving me nuts but I found the one that wasn't https and got it fixed!!

The only problem I am still having and can't seem to fix for the life of me is getting everything to line up at the bottom. I feel like I have changed heights and paddings all over and nothing seems to be working. So I must be missing one somewhere. Just not sure where :S


(Again included a screenshot to try and help show what I am talking about highlighted in red.)

Attached Image

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Remove the height and border lines from the following selectors: .featuredparent, .child1

user posted image
OMGosh thank you so much!!

Everything has been solved!
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