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I was in town today and then thought of one of the great features of JCINK.

In my old forums using Prophpbb there was no way you can have content so you can post a reply but not allowed to start a new topic. The 3 options where: "No Access", "Read Only Access" and "Standard Access". In other words if you didn't want anybody to begin new topics in a certain forum you'd have to lock or close the forum which in this case you cannot start a new topic OR reply.

The great feature about JCINK is that you can make it so that if you don't want users to start new topics but allow them to reply, you can set it as this, which is really nice.

It has to be one of the best features for a good few reasons.

Just thought I'd bring that up. On the side note however I'm not sure how many other hosts, if there are, that have the same features.
Agreed. This is a great feature.
i also like that you can allow members to start topics but not reply to them again. it really is the best software around for the needs the roleplaying community has.
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