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 Points System
Again not really "Support"

How exactly does the "Point System" work? Is it based on how long a post is, or on a post in general?

Anyway, a points system is a great feature. I'm guessing its purpose is to get more members to be more active? I do know that some hosts (at least one I've used years ago) uses a similar feature but you can choose what type of Points you get. It's been years so can't really remember what that system was like.

That being said, the points system is definitely useful if admins wish to give rewards to members once they get so many points.

Anyway just curious to know how the system works
If I remember correctly, it is based on how many words a post is, but I've never used it, because most of my games don't have anything that you could "buy" with points.
I would recommend turning on the store and play with it, but the answer to your question is it depends. You get a decent amount of control over it.

Kindly: do not contact me on Discord for support, do not PM me for support. Thanks for understanding!
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