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Oct 11 2017, 03:25 PM
Found a weird bug with the signup process.

I noticed that lead to a board not found and thought that'd be a pretty cool URL for a board and went to register it. My registration went through and I got the congrats message and even got this email about it:

Welcome to Jcink Forum Hosting!


You recently registered a forum at our service using this email address. Thanks for creating a forum with Services!

Now that you've registered your new board you may be interested in these sections that can help you learn more about how to make the best for your community.

Helpful Links:

Board Link:



Good luck with your new board!

But when I go to the URL it still says board not found? I tried with a different URL and everything worked as expected. Weird issue. No big deal for me, I'll just use a different URL but might be worth looking into. (I promise I wasn't trying to break anything!!)

Oct 6 2017, 02:37 PM
You know when you share a link on Facebook or Twitter and it pulls the title, an image, and a short description? That's OpenGraph, apparently. It wouldn't make sense to replace the URL tag outright with this, but it'd still be pretty useful for sharing links.

Here's an article about them that shows some examples of what I'm talking about:

It might be a good idea to implement opengraph meta tags into the software as well, but personally I'm more interested in having a bbcode to share links from other sites on forums
Oct 6 2017, 02:33 PM

AIM will be discontinued on December 15, 2017

Amazing to see the Invision Power Services Form Board™ System Version 1.3 software outlive AIM. AIM seemed like it would never go away, but I got this email today informing me about it. I wonder if Yahoo Instant Messanger's demise isn't far off either then. MSN Messenger has been discontinued in favor of Skype as well (though knowing Microsoft it might still work lol)

The messenger fields here probably need some love, GTalk could be renamed to Hangouts while we're at it too.

But idk, maybe they can be removed outright instead? Custom profile fields probably do the trick just fine and it's probably not great to constantly be updating them. Though I'm not sure the logistics of converting the fields to custom profile fields so nobody loses any data.

(i figure this is more feedback/discussion than a feature request? I don't have any direct answers for what to do but it's definitely something that these services baked into the forum software are sunsetting)
Feb 20 2014, 06:18 PM
I have a few domains registered with namecheap but not all of them are having issues. I thought that was kind of odd so maybe the info I found could be helpful to some users.

It looks like if you're using the built-in nameservers with Namecheap, you'll be having issues. On the domains I use other nameservers with, I don't have any issues with. On one of them I use which is a free nameserver you can use if you want to switch. (one thing to keep in mind about however is that they limit the amount of records you can have on a free account- it's not too few where its useless but if you use a lot of subdomains or services on your domain it is not ideal.)

According to this is an issue with their nameservers as well. They seem to have a backup DNSv1 service you can use? I don't know anything about that however. (don't bother with this- see Jcink's post)

Should you switch DNS name servers if you have namecheap? A disadvantage to using a different nameserver is that you can't use Namecheaps record manager- that'll be managed on the nameserver you decide to use. Another is that it'll take some time for the nameserver records to update so you shouldn't be too hasty with moving them over if you decide to do so. I would recommend moving if the issue continues for a few days or happens a few more times- but if not, then you should be fine with namecheap.

Hope this helps out some Namecheap users. I'm a big fan of their service so it's pretty sad to see it come to this.
Feb 12 2014, 07:49 PM
One feature you see on a lot of websites now, as well as forum software such as MyBB and phpBB (with a mod) is the ability for users to log in with both their username or their email address. I think this would be a fantastic feature to have for Jcink Forum Hosting. I don't see any *major* issues having this feature here.

However, there is one thing... If I remember correctly, you can register two accounts with the same email here. That'd probably have to either not be allowed anymore or emails used for multiple accounts wouldn't have access to the feature. I'm sure there's a solution.

What this would be good for:
- Cases where a user remembers that they have an account on the site, but can't remember their username.
- Cases where a user wishes to use special characters in their username, an email address would be an easy way to log in.

I don't see any issues security wise with this either. This would double the amount of acceptable log-ins to sensitive areas, but I don't think that poses any serious additional security risk.

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