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Aug 16 2017, 03:38 AM
I'm trying to figure out how some coding works and am not getting what's going on with it.

The link is to a test thread where I've been trying to figure out how these color and text bolding codes work.

This code is at the very top of the CSS. I've used this before in order to use class tags for member groups to color various things on the site.

Group Colors

Angel { color:#fff1db;}
Human { color:#57bbd6;}
Demon { color:#bd0000;}
Fae { color:#85ff97;}
Other { color:#8ad91c;}
Shifter { color:#a45c28;}
Vampire { color:#ac3556;}
Witch { color:#e4a5f3;}
Gifted { color:#efeb81;}
Admin { color:#857ea9;}
OOC {  color:#f05c00;}

The code below is what was in the skin from the original coder. This is what I'm having trouble figuring out what it does. Like the
.Admin {
seems to be the same as the above code that's at the top of the CSS.

It's the other one's I'm not sure how they are working. For example. the bold4 b class.

If you look at the first post in the linked thread, right click and inspect that first line, you can see that it's referencing the bold4 class and the bold text is turning purple as it should. There are also other places like for the name in the top line, JENNZ if you inspect you can see it references the color4 class.

What I am trying to do is set up something similar for italic as the bold is set up. So, I added in that italic4 class. But, it's not working. How or where are the color4 and the bold4 classes being referenced and working properly? I've looked in the wrapper and the mini profile html template but there aren't references to them there.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.


.color4 {

.bold4 b {
padding:4px 3px;

.italic4 i {
padding:4px 3px;

.Admin {

.Admin b {
font-weight: 900;


.Admin i {
padding:4px 3px;

.background4 {
Aug 13 2017, 08:53 PM
How do you change the color of the pieces of the drop down box that actually drop down. both the font color and the background color.

Right now, my input boxes are normally fine. there is a dark background with light text. But... when there is a drop down box, when you expand the box, the background on the expansion is light along with light text and it's unreadable.

This is in the Edit Profile section in case that makes a difference.
Aug 13 2017, 02:23 PM
I don't know how this happened but we updated our skin with a newer version of the code. Somehow in this process some of the boards are (or were) still showing the OLD skin as their skin.

I have since deleted that old version of the skin but that didn't take care of the problem. Now all those pages or boards that were using the OLD skin reverted to the default jcink skin.

I have no idea how some of the boards had this happen and didn't automatically update to the new skin when installed.

Is there a way to turn OFF this feature and thus revert all the pages to the same skin. Or do I have to go in to each forum individually and change the skin manually with the drop down box or whatever?

Aug 10 2017, 03:48 PM
A while back I asked for some help on changing something in the edit profile section. At that time John also pointed me to a thread for replacing text in this post here:

Unfortunately, I can no longer access that thread. It say I don't have permission to view it.

What I am looking to do is to change the text in the Edit Profile Information section that says:


Also if I could change the text for the standard Date of Birth field as well. I'd like to be able to make that specifically refer to the user and not their character. Or possibly hiding that Date of Birth field as well would work.

Aug 10 2017, 01:26 PM
Is there a way to see all the topics and posts that I have posted on this site?

If I go to my profile it only shows the last 5 posts and last 5 topics. I know on a lot of the rp sites I'm on, there are links to show ALL posts and ALL topics from a users profile.

I have trouble using the search to actually narrow things down to find what I'm looking for. I also know that I have asked some of the same questions multiple times. It would be great for me to see all my posts so I don't have to keep asking.

Thanks for any help.

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