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 "Post As" with a Multimod?
So this is probably off the wall & I don't know how hard it would be to implement but it would be great if creating a multimod would allow you to set the poster at the time?

Since a lot of roleplay sites use a general admin account, with separate staff accounts, it would be cool if things like pending/sorting characters & archiving dead threads could be done with the general staff account for anonymity & unity on the staff team front?

Also so folks can't point to who's doing what & yell about staff decisions as being that one person, etc.

If it's really difficult I don't expect it to be done, haha, I just figured I'd toss the idea out there. Love you, Jcink <3

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It shouldn't be super difficult and I certainly see the application here. I will definitely look into this in the future.

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