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I love you. Always.
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Jan 27 2017, 09:23 AM
Happy Birthday John!

John is asleep so before he wakes up I'm posting this. >.< Because I'm sneaky and he removed the birthdays from showing on the board as they were getting too long, so everyone can sneak in and wish him Happy birthday before he wakes up and finds my exploits and shenanigans.

Apr 15 2014, 09:57 PM
The default URL as well as many other things for the Resource forum including the entire design have been changed in the past few weeks, during this time challenges, contests, spotlights, etc. were put on hold.

Tonight we have begun posting new challenges, spotlights, and more; and have made all of the changes open to the public. The entire forum has switched over, and this was all accomplished with a minimum of downtime. The forum can still be accessed via the original links provided for it, but the new default URL being used will be:

All of the changes made to the forum were made in an effort to accomodate and add to the forum, it's focus and purpose - to bring quality resources to all service users for their forums - has in no way changed. Even with the new look and new name, absolutely nothing has been taken from the forum, this has all been done in an effort to add more to it, which we have accomplished in a neat and organized manner. For the maximum efficiency and use for all users.

We look forward to seeing what people think of these changes and welcoming all new and old users to explore the newly re-modeled resource forum.
Feb 11 2014, 07:53 PM
Within the next two weeks there will be several hours of downtime on the Resource Forum.

During this time major changes will be applied to the forum including giving it a new primary domain for access. The other domains will remain directed towards it, however the new one will be the one we use when linking to the forum from the main site, as well as this one.

No accounts on the forum will be changed or altered, and no content will be being lost. Some things will end up resorted and moved around and we know this may cause some confusion for all users of the forum and service who access it. However in the end this is being done to better organize things and make it much simpler for members to access. We will give a warning post on this topic as well as on the Twitter and Facebook pages the day before we choose to shut the forum down for the larger changes.

If anyone has any questions about the future of that forum or wishes more details they may PM me, or contact Jcink and I at:

Sep 5 2013, 09:58 PM
Skin & Code Re-locations

We are currently in the process of moving the skins, and codes over that meet Administrator approval to the Official Resource Forum.

This is being done in preparation to close down the skins and coding submission areas on this forum and to turn them into redirects to the areas on that forum for them. We are currently marking topics to be moved, as well as beginning moving codes over, if you have an account on that forum and we move your work we are posting it under your account using the sub-accounts modification for Administrators.

If you do not have an account thought it is being posted under mine, and still listed as being originally created by you, and you can register and PM me with the links to your work to have it edited and placed under your account.

You may also move and submit the skins or codes you have created yourself, this process will be completed in one week, meaning after that those forums will be made re-directs and no longer will be accessible.

If anyone has any questions about this then please feel free to contact me or Jcink or post here with those questions.
Sep 2 2013, 09:09 PM
Dark Skins - Importer, Default, & AdminCP

Today we are proud to announce and release a new Dark Default skin for this forum as well as our Resource Forum

In addition to this we have taken the dark skin I originally created for the Resource Forum and have converted it into a Jcink forum Hosting Default Dark, which at this time has been placed into the Skin Importer for use. As well as an AdminCP Dark version that Jcink converted from the original dark version made.

To use the new default skin you can select it by going into the AdminCP of your board and going into Skins & Templates > Import Skins, and select Jcink Forum Hosting Default from that list to import, you can also preview the skin here.

To use the new AdminCP skin simply log into your AdminCP and select it from the drop down in the lower right hand corner of the menu there.

We hope everyone enjoys the new skins.
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I feel so happy just spending time with you. :)
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