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 Ghost Cat Skin Inquiries
Forum address:
Original Skin:

Questions: There are a few things that I'm still having trouble correcting or plugging in amidst the few edits I have already made. The first concern is whether or not I can make each forum side by side as opposed to below each other. I would assume that because i shortened the main forum dimensions that it made it so that they couldn't fit side by side. Is there a way to correct this?

The second issue was the forum picture. I couldn't find the dimensions needed for the picture to display, and im not sure where i would find that ni the code.

and finally, i still dont know how to change the color of certain user groups that display on the miniprofile. On the actual skin, the administration has a red circle while members are blue. I was able to change the user name colors in the user group modification page with the admin panel, but i can relay that color to the mini profile.
I can tell you that the banner they're using on the original skin is 944x300 - which is a very odd size to use, there you go lol.

As for the rest of it - yes it's possible to arrange the forums on top of one another, but you'll need someone better than I am at coding to do it >.<

Your edits have nothing to do with the way the forums appear, it's designed to look like that stacked side by side. It's definitely possible to change this, but I would contact the person who created the skin originally and make sure that they don't mind you modifying the skin.

Changing the member name color in mini profiles will require some CSS and HTML editing using Black's CFS variables. <-- More information about CFS and its variables and how to use them, but it's an outdated and no longer supported script that has a lot of bugs / glitches, fair warning.

You can also convert the CFS into a JCink HTML template, which is current and well supported here. I would recommend that before I did much more editing, either way.

This topic will show you how to do the CSS part. The CSS Class that YOUR MINI PROFILE currently uses is:


Copy the CSS for this class, including the name and add the corresponding numbers as the thread indicates. Failure to copy the existing CSS and modify it may break the code, however, so be careful and maybe use a CSS validator tool (google search will give you one).
If you need any assistance with converting from CFS to HTML Templates feel free to ask as well. Once we get it converted to something more workable then we can work on the forum row template.

As far as the colors -- for the MP you just need <!-- |name_prefix| --> and <!-- |name_suffix| --> around the username, which will insert the colors. If you use <!-- |name| --> it's included though.

email: :: blog: John C.
I wish I could solve this issue myself given all the advice everyone has been giving me, but I still can't solve anything :[. Thank you, Samantha, Bugsy, and John but I think I may perhaps need someone to investigate the code to see why the changes aren't delivering any favorable alterations to the page. Thanks again for all your help, but my coding experience is still rather limited.

It's ok.

What I would just do is start with only this guide first. You don't need any programming experience; all this is copy and paste. Take each item step by step and if you have trouble, come back here and let us know what you're stuck on:

email: :: blog: John C.
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