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 HTTPS Encrypted Browsing
QUOTE (GMaster479 @ Mar 2 2018, 09:18 PM)
Any idea when we will be able to make domains used in the Domain Control Center usable for HTTPS or is there any way to do so right now?

I wish I had more information but there were some setbacks with this. It's complicated to implement and the ACME client has changed now. I'm looking at the new ACME v2 application by letsencrypt so the process of cert creation and management is different there compared to last year.v Have to redo some work/research that I already did prior. For now, if you have a domain name I recommend doing everything else possible to ensure that it's ready for HTTPS with respect to images, css, and javascript. We'll try to get domains out late this year - but I have no real ETA, sorry.

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