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May 20 2018, 11:46 PM
Okay, so I'm trying to turn on affilates system so that I can set it up. Well i found a link on here, which says

"Providing you've enabled the Affiliates system outlined here (if you haven't enabled the Affiliates system, then do that now) then:"

well that says

"Moved to here" and that just takes me to a list of things here that legit all of them are just the original page. NONE of them tell me how to set it up.

EDIT : nevermind i found it. it was under modification enabler and then when i couldnt find it i just logged out and logged abck in and its there now. sorry for the trouble.
Oct 18 2017, 09:29 PM
I created a code, there's some bizarre gap between the code bottom and the bottom of the post. Because I coded it in scratchpad it wasn't evident until I transferred it to a site. The raw coding is in the second post. Is it one of the floats? I mean I CAN get rid of them, it's not that bad I just have to fiddle with margins and positions. I just can't figure out what is up with it.
Sep 8 2017, 06:47 PM
Edit mode broken [SOLVED]
Back again. The edit function in posts doesn't work. When I click edit nothing happens, no matter where I click. However delete, quote, and report work. When I hover over those the correct things show up down at the bottom of the browser. However over edit


is what shows up. I can't figure it out. I've googled it via like "can't edit posts jcink" and none of the things I've found are applicable. I've closed and restarted chrome. I checked it on another jcink site. Same thing.

login: testing
pw: testing1
Sep 7 2017, 05:38 AM
So, I've legitimately had zero issues making minor tweaks to this. The image above the cbox should, however, be the avatar. Which I set in the wrappers, alas, it's not working. I used <!--<avatar>--> with the correct spacings and whatnot as I just copied and pasted it. I've used avatar_url. Everything. Nothing shows up. I've done it on other skins, but for some flippin' reason, it's a no go on here. What am I doing wrong? Is it something simple? I've checked settings, nothing. I made sure the coding allows for resizing of said avatar, made sure said avatar is loaded into said profile. Yep, nada.

btw, the toggle for the sidebar/cbox is in the banner. I don't know if it will be expanded or collapsed when you first view it.
Aug 12 2017, 07:59 PM
Okay, so I've converted CFS before. But for some gods awful reason, I cannot get this to convert. I literally want to scream. I have deallocated and re-done the HTML templates like 3 times now.

For some reason the board stats seem to be the culprit. Did I miss something?

{%marker} keeps popping up when I go to forums. I can only think that is because I haven't done the Macros yet as I've got to discuss what kinds she wants when I get the skin said and done.

The above is roughly what it should look like. (And I didn't convert that one yet, because it's never gonna go active) But the roxxyskins should look like that.
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