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Today at 01:33 am
Hello again, folks.

This is a trickier bit of help I'm needing. I am implimenting a bit of script that essentially causes a div to marquee once the content in it has hit a certain width. I am copy-pasting this script from a JSFiddle, and I know nothing of Javascript to add in the edits that I need.

What I'm Needing: An addition to the below script to make 1.) Slow down just a touch on the marquee and 2.) Stop on hover.

Thank you!

<script>function isElementOverflowing(element) {
var overflowX = element.offsetWidth < element.scrollWidth,
 overflowY = element.offsetHeight < element.scrollHeight;

return (overflowX || overflowY);

function wrapContentsInMarquee(element) {
var marquee = document.createElement('marquee'),
  contents = element.innerText;
 marquee.innerText = contents;
 element.innerHTML = '';

var element = document.getElementById('overflow');

if (isElementOverflowing(element)) {
Jul 17 2017, 10:09 PM
If this has already been solved elsewhere, I apologize! I have a current issue with my custom BBCode and the "automagical" line breaks that Jcink seems to do.

For organization and code clarity, I was trying to post a template that basically does:
[test]More info[/test]

However, to get spacing to look right when the actual code is running, it has to be posted as:
[bbc1]Name[/bbc1][blah]Info[/blah][test]More info[/test]

... Which is fairly ugly.

I've tried editing the actual CSS to include set heights, margins, line-heights etc. However I can't get any of them to register, due to the automatic use of <br> that seems to be happening. Solutions?
Jul 13 2017, 04:04 PM
Hey all!

I was wondering if I could get some help/direction with two fairly small things. First - Is it possible to get the "Item Name" column to bold without everything else bolding? Secondly, is there any way that "Item Description" could be set to text-align: justify instead of centered?


EDIT: Nevermind the second part, I realized HTML is enabled in the description.
Jun 13 2017, 03:35 PM
Being someone that likes to be overly organized, I love categories for everything. On the current Edit Profile Info in the UCP, the page automatically categorizes "REQUIRED" separately from "This section is optional". Different table, different pformstrip header.

The request: Would it be possible for us to make our own Profile Info categories? I would love having "REQUIRED" along with "Out of Character Information", "In Character Information", etc. I assume this would require a LOT of work and would be a big overhaul, but the features would be super useful to most RP sites, I believe - especially those that use a LOT of Custom Fields like we do.
Jun 1 2017, 09:17 PM
Hey all! I've seen issues like this before and am having a bit of a time figuring out just what's causing it. For a while now, on my site, when you click Last Click or Member Name it shows everyone on the Board Index only - and seems to be refreshing between 1-30 seconds as that's typically the maximum that people are shown unless they have closed out the site.

I thought initially this was the Shoutbox being set to refresh, so I turned it off. No dice, it still shows people with rapid refreshing. I removed an alerts listener, thinking that too was it. Still no dice. Are there common settings or issues with Jcink that could be causing this?
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