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Apr 17 2018, 10:19 AM
Backstory is in this thread, which morphed from a related issue.

board is here

Login to see the skin if necessary: 'testguest' with the password 'huntertest'

I have put

/* Skin selector dropdown */ #skin_selector { margin-left: -450px; }

in the CSS file


<div id="skin_selector"> <% SKIN_SELECTOR %> </div>

in the wrapper file.

At John's recommendation, I have removed


<script type="text/javascript">

customAlerts("Live to Rise");

from the wrapper.

At Pansy's recommendation, I removed


.stats { display: none; }



.stats form {
  display: none;

from the CSS, but the result was two skin switchers appearing, neither of which worked, so I put those back in the CSS.

Now I only have one skin switcher appearing (hooray!) but it doesn't actually enable anyone to switch skins (boo!). I'm happy to post the wrapper and/or CSS files, whatever it takes to find the problem and get it fixed.

Can anyone please help me?
Mar 31 2018, 05:49 PM
(at least I think it's called the nav bar)

Board is here. Skin in question can be viewed by logging in as testguest, PW hunter.

Up at the top on the left-hand side, there's a small image in a box. It is, I believe, the image set as the user's avatar, just shrunk down. The problem is that the avatar images are not square and the shrinking is not proportional, making it look a bit squashed. As having all my players change their avatar images is not practical, and I have square images in one of the profile fields, how can I make the square profile image appear in that box instead of the avatar?

Mar 17 2018, 07:33 PM
board is here

Login to see the skin if necessary: 'testguest' with the password 'huntertest'

My latest difficulty is the skin switcher. The skin came without it, but I've dealt with that issue on previous skins, so I put

/* Skin selector dropdown */ #skin_selector { margin-left: -450px; }

in the wrapper file and

<div id="skin_selector"> <% SKIN_SELECTOR %> </div>

in the CSS file. But, while the dropdown appeared, it didn't work. Thinking maybe I'd somehow pasted the CSS code in incorrectly, I went to check -- and it wasn't there! Thinking maybe I'd somehow forgotten to save it, I pasted it in again, saved it, and noted the 'saved!' message at the bottom. But the dropdown still didn't work, and when I went to look at the CSS file -- it wasn't there! Any idea what's going on?
Mar 11 2018, 01:24 AM

This may be garbled, since I don't know the technical terms for some of these things, so please bear with.

here is the board in question.

I currently have two skins (I See Fire and Leather & Metal) available for my members, and I'm trying to add a third (Hunter), but it's giving me some trouble. For some reason, the post templates for things like the Face Claims display differently on Hunter than on the other two. It might be because the area with the Avatar, etc. is wider on Hunter? Or is there some other reason? Either way, how do I fix it?
Feb 8 2017, 02:21 PM

Not sure if visitors can see Alerts, but link included above just in case.

Basically, my problem is that on the pulldown for Alerts, the text is so light that it's very difficult to read. I'd like to change it to a nice, solid #000, but I don't know where to plug that in. Guidance would be much appreciated, thanks.
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