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May 22 2018, 08:14 AM
Could a feature be added to organize the order in which shop categories and items appear? For example, lets say that your categories are like this when you look in your shop:

Animals, Mineral, Vegetable

It's default is to alphabetize though that doesn't always work to what someone might thematically need/want. Lets say that you would rather them be like this:

Vegetable, Animal, Mineral

A feature in the admin panel that would allow you to reorganize them like you can order most other parts of the forum would be very handy. The same goes for the items inside of each category.

(sorry if this was requested already, but I couldn't find a past request for it.)
May 21 2018, 03:31 PM
Alright, I am very new to this so I am a little stuck and need some help on a few parts.

1. I managed to make the Userlinks bar position itself at the top of the forum like I wanted, however it is not quiet listening to the rest of the wrapper code and won't stretch itself to be the same width as everything else. I tried messing with padding and margins and I can't seem to get it quiet right.

2. I would like to make a custom submenu to replace the current one. I tried to tell the CSS to display: none; however it wouldn't display the one that I had made in the board wrappers area. Is there away to make this work, or instead of removing the old one, just replace it's links with my own. (which is preferred)

3. Is there a way to make the text css for the Forum name and Last Post Info on the main forum page be different sets of code? When i raise the font size for the Forum Title, it also raises it for the last post info which I would not like.

4. Left align text in the shop items display. For some reason it is default center and I would like to left align it. Is that possible?

5. Is there a way to make a Custom BBCode to generate a quick little table instead if manually having to make every table?
May 15 2018, 10:25 AM
I will be making a move from Zetaboards to Jcink before the forced move to tapatalk happens. I am really not that good at coding and was wondering if there was an easier way to convert my theme from Zetaboards over to Jcink other than trying to piece it together which i am failing miserably at!
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