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Jan 10 2018, 11:03 AM
Hey there! So I haven't seen any threads about this and searching only brings up a hashtag challenge on the resource site, and user tagging here, so - is there any chance in the future that we could have actual thread hashtagging?

I've seen it on other forum software and I absolutely love the idea. Having users be able to tag their threads, and then search through tags, would be amazing! Not sure how difficult this would be to do. Hope it's possible!
Nov 4 2017, 10:41 PM
I've been using the IBStore for a while now, and I love it!! But I do have a few ideas for it that would make things much muuuch easier <3 If any of these are possible, it would be spectacular!

1. Mass-Give/Multi-Give
My forum does a Halloween event every year where certain activity by members earns them a special item/items used as event currency. However, we have to give them out one by one by one... and when a member earns 20+, this can take hours with slow internet that doesn't want to cooperate with the shop! If there was any way to add in a value on how many you want to send, that would be spectacular

2. Input Value Instead of Individual Check Boxes
When you go to remove items from a member's inventory, sometimes they can have, say, 50 of one item and you need to remove 28. Right now, you need to select (and count out) 28 different check boxes. Could there be a way to streamline this and make things a bit easier?

3. Newbie Gift/Birthday Gifts
A completely automated system! A newbie gift with an item or two that's sent to users upon validation, and a birthday item that's sent to members upon their birthday being reached!

4. Shopkeepers
This one is entirely an optional, visual thing - but perhaps an option for different shops to have an image and little quote thing about a shopkeeper of some kind? I'd love to be able to have a shopkeeper image to show up at the top of our various shops, because the way we have it set up, each one is technically guarded by an NPC - and I've had several members ask me if it's possible to add images for them, haha!

5. Inventory Miniprofile Viewing
Another optional, visual thing! Allow inventory items to be viewable on either/both mini-profile and player profile areas. Excellent for r/p forums who wish to show a member's purchased items! Perhaps also an option to either 'show all' or have 'featured' items.
- suggested by Magtox
Nov 4 2017, 10:25 PM
So I recently enabled Mass Buy, which is spectacular!! But it has also made buying one of our limited items impossible.

When I click just the 'Buy' button, it gives this error:

It's like it thinks I'm trying to buy more than one when I'm not xD Help!
Jun 28 2016, 11:27 AM
Hello all! I was wondering, is there a way to put a border around the ads, or put them in some sort of container of some kind - something to make them look nicer on a skin. Not change their placement or remove them or anything, just integrate them into the skin a bit better than what they are. (:
Aug 17 2015, 03:19 AM
So, um. I may have found a bug that I've probably known existed for forever but it just started to bother me... so here I am!

I notice that at the top of every forum, there's a section that says 'Announcements'. You can also pin threads as Announcements, which is pretty nifty. Regular pinned threads go under Important Topics, so it would make sense that Announcements would go under Announcements, right?


The pinned as announcement/pinned normally pops up before everything, which is cool, I like that. Except, what's going on everywhere else? Two Forum Topics? Two Important Topics? I am confused D;

On all of the forums, the pinned announcements don't actually fall under the Announcements section? And on forums where there's no pinned topics, they decide to filter right in with everybody else in a second Forum Topics section, and then go incognito without the division if you go to a second page.

Is there a setting that I'm missing, or is my forum derping? Would like some help on sorting this out - thank you so much <3
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