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Jul 22 2015, 11:54 PM
Hello, this is a request to upgrade an already existing feature.

Currently as it stands awards can be added to each user. Problem is if you plan to remove an award you need to go through every user and delete. The feature itself is very simple and could do with a little more detail added to it.

So my suggestion is to make award groups, similar to how Manage User Groups is set up.

This way if you want to delete an award it will be removed from all members, you can quickly add multiple members to an award and you can also see how many members have each award. You can edit an award to change its icon image, award name, description etc and it would change an award on all members. You can still add individual and unique awards to members but now awards given out to multiple members can be done more easily too.

I've also noticed you cannot reorganize the awards issued to a user, we should be able to do that too.

Here's a quick glance at Enjins user manager: (Just to try and explain my idea a little better)

On the left is the user groups which can have "tags" added to each member (Similar to awards). Depending which order the tags are in will also determine the order they are shown on site. A user can be in multiple tags, this is similar to what I had in mind.

Thanks for reading, keep up the great work smile.gif
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