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 Icyboards -> Jcink convertor
QUOTE (alan sh @ Jun 10 2018, 06:11 AM)
Thanks for the update, John.

When it comes "time" for moving over, what is the process (do we do it? do we email the SQL file? etc.) and how long do you invisage it will be?



Full details will be provided, but in general based on the current response to this thread, we'll try to handle each on an individual basis and get the conversions done same-day for a couple of users at a time in the beginning, and then increase imports as necessary.

QUOTE (Electrocutioner @ Jun 10 2018, 09:17 AM)
How will admin account data transfer? Will I have to reset my password on my root admin account?

We will reset the root admin account and give you a new temporary password. The board will also be in an offline state when we give it to you, so that you can sort out any issues and change settings (permissions will need to be redone here, for example).

email: :: blog: John C.
That's great to hear John, looking forward to this so I can convert my board

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