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Yesterday at 08:24 pm
So there have been a few issues with the skin that I am using. I'm going to list them and hopefully someone far better at this whole coding thing can help :S

1) The Toggles aren't toggling.
-The three bars at the top of the page next to the name are supposed to toggle the sidebar. At one point it worked. Now it doesn't seem to.

2) It may be related to the Toggle thing, I don't know, but the highlight and copy code isn't highlighting automatically like it should.

3) The scrollbar code is hijacking any post template with a scrollbar. Some post templates it isn't a big deal, others it is.

4) I don't know how to make the search button at the top of the screen work.

5) The default image for the mini profile isn't working. Do I have to use the Avatar field in order to make this work? I'd rather have a custom field for the players avatar.

I have been told there is likely some issues in the coding and to validate the code. I tried to go through and do this but any issues I saw that I knew what it was didn't do anything. Some of these issues I think have caused certain elements to not show or not work. There is a font awesome icon next to the chatbox that is an up arrow. Sometimes it shows, other times it doesn't. Down at the bottom of the board is the Affiliates area. The whole first row is coded to have a border around it and that isn't working. There is also a topsites voting button that should be appearing on a third row by itself. Again sometimes it shows, sometimes it doesn't.

Any and all help is appreciated!

Board Link
Jun 19 2018, 01:10 PM
Alright so I have abandoned my quest to build my own skin right now. I just can't seem to figure out for the life of me. However that means I am having to work with other premade skins which is fine and I have no problems with it. The problem I am having though is the skin I currently have up on the test site isn't working with the Shipper app we have in place. The CSS has been moved over. I tried putting the skin up on the actual site to see if it was a setting issue and still have the same problem. From what I can guess, the CSS isn't talking to the actual HTML but I don't know why. From what I can tell the DIV's are unique and I don't think are competing with anything. But I am not sure. The skin originally had a code for an app in it however the designer doesn't have that code available so I removed it from the CSS. (Even with that code in the CSS the app I want didn't work.)

I am at a loss on how to fix this. Your help as always is appreciated!

I have checked the usergroups. They are all able to use dohtml and the board is set to accept it as well. We actually use this app already just on a different skin and it works perfectly. Hence my dilemma

Jun 15 2018, 02:25 PM
Back again with some ridiculous questions because I've messed things up again.

I had this all set up the way that I wanted it when I viewed it as an admin. But when I tried to view it as a guest I was seeing the Admin CP and all the member links. So I was trying to fix that and ended up messing the whole thing up! Now I have screwed it all up and can't figure out how to fix it. I am figuring I have too many or not enough closing divs for one thing but can't seem to get it right. So I am in need of help!!

What I am hoping for is the red box that says Welcome to be up along side the placeholder icon in the green box. It was up beside it at one point and that is where it should be. However now it is all wonky. (This should say Welcome Guest or Welcome -membernamehere- which I think I have that part working.)

Then obviously the links are not as they should be. As a guest all of them are showing instead of just the register and login. As a member/admin all the links are showing. I want the Guest links to take place of the member/admin ones obviously. The admin ones are where they should be. The guest ones are not.

When I try and login to the board the gray pattern border I have around the board doesn't extend all the way down and so therefore none of the login info can really be read. I don't know how to make any of that better.

Lastly I am pretty sure since I don't have the guests set up right, I doubt I have the Admin CP set up correctly so it is only viewable to Admins. But I can't tell for sure because all the links overlap :S

I feel like I have made this a hot mess and should just stick to premades :S :S

Site Link?

Test Member Account: test account
Password test123

Jun 14 2018, 08:47 AM
I am going to start this off by saying that I am trying to learn how to do this whole skin coding thing. So I am not really sure what I am doing still. I know what I want but I am having trouble getting there. Right now, I have screwed things up as I did have my welcome/links area exactly how I wanted it. But then I ended up changing a few of the wrong things by accident and now I have it all messed up (because I’m not sure how I got it right in the first place.)

Here is what I am wanting to do and having troubles.

1) The height of my welcome area to be much shorter than it is. I have the area where the fontawesome icons are the height that I want. I just can’t seem to get the other three areas to match that height.

2) I am wanting to add a thin scrollbar to the Welcome box. I had added in overflow: scroll; to the css but all it does it just make the height of the box bigger. I had gotten it to have a scroll bar at one point but the scroll bar was the standard size and was way too big. I couldn’t figure out how to customize it for that area.

3) There is a light gray border area around the staff icon grid and that area as a whole. I would like for that to appear around the fontawesome grid as well so that there is a gray border around each of their squares and then between that box and the featured box.

4) The image for the featured box on the far right, I would like for that to fit a little more nicely. Similar to how the Welcome box is nice and well spaced out. As it sits right now there is more space at the top and bottom than there is on the sides.

5) Is there any way to tell what the scripts are that aren’t authorized sot hat stupid little shield in the browser bar goes away?

I’m not overly sure I am explaining it well enough but if I am I appreciate any and all help as I try and learn this process!!! Also, sorry that this is a lot. :S Let me know if anything else is needed! Thanks in advance!

Test Site Link
Screenshot 1 ** The red boxes are just a highlight on the screenshot to try and point out what I am talking about.
Screenshot 2
May 26 2018, 01:41 PM
So I have a few issues :/

I am working on making some color adjustments to a second skin for my site (so know right now it isn't the default skin.)

When I look at the control panel the Edit Sub Accounts link isn't showing. If I switch to the default skin and then back to the one I am working on it will show. But only then. Any ideas what that is all about?

The second issue is when I click on the Member count in the Board Stats or the Last Click to view those lists, I can't read the date (or in the case of the last click the date or what the person is viewing). The text is a dark gray on an almost black background. I would like to change the color of the text but am not sure where in the code it would be.

Here is the link to the site - Link
To view the skin I am having issues with you will need to change it via the drop down menu at the bottom to Still of the Night Skin2.

I'm wanting to get this skin to replace the default one eventually but want to get all he bugs worked out before then.

Edit: Another issue, the Delete button on a thread seems to be shifted because the users IP is showing above it instead of to the left. Ideas?
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