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    Just a question regarding the GDPR and the displaying of content.

    So, let's say for example someone lives in the EU and, for the sake of their privacy, they want to leave a RP forum. They ask the administrator to remove their account, including the profile fields and the IP information. Awesome, got it.

    But, what about posts? What about any personally identifiable information posted in topics/posts that may have something like their Tumblr name, or their email address, or anything like that? Someone also said you can Google the name of an original character, or a snippit of the character's profile, and it can lead back to the person themselves.

    I know in the TOS (and I am a firm believer in reading everything before agreeing to something), it says that Jcink and the root administrator can refuse to delete the information because prior permission was given to display said content. Obviously the original poster retains ownership of such content (as long as they legally had ownership in the first place).

    Someone said to me that you are required to remove ALL posts and topics that may have original characters or content, or any personally identifiable information in them when a person leaves. The GDPR really needs to work on its wording, because I read the dang thing and man, it was so broad I felt like breathing on my monitor was a breach of privacy, lmao.

    For reference, this is where the person mentioned it:

    (I'm the user Kaidan Alenko, btw.)
I have to keep my response to your question brief but:

1. If there is personally identifiable information in a post (including but not limited to full name, address, real photograph, etc) then the post should have that data removed per request.

2. The right to erasure / right to be forgotten is not absolute. In some cases there may be “legitimate interest” or “lawful basis” to keep processing some data made in a public forum.

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