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Jul 10 2018, 02:41 PM

Not 100% sure if this is a "bug" or an intended feature, so forgive me if it's fine.

On my site, an account name has an acute E (É) as the first letter. This causes their name to appear before any other, even though É technically should be treated like the standard character E. Is this intentional or just something that needs fixing?
Jun 29 2018, 11:15 PM

Apologies in advance if it seems a little odd, but I'm trying to fiddle with jQuery to make it so that, if one custom profile field has "No Information" (i.e; user left it blank because it does not apply to them), the adjacent divs for the fields to the left move over.

<script>$('.creation:contains("No Information")').remove();</script>

This is what I am using to remove the custom profile field (wrapped in a span called "creation") when it is blank. I'd like for the previous two fields, "true-age" and "rank" to move over to the left. I don't know any jQuery, but this is what I wrote:

     'position': 'relative',
     'left' : '80px',

     'position': 'relative',
     'left' : '90px',

if ($('.creation').is(':empty')) {

I'd like it to be coded so that IF the creation field is blank, it's removed AND "true-age" and "rank" move over 80 and 90px to the left respectively. These statements would only apply if the field is blank: if it's filled, then the statements do not apply.

I hope I'm making sense here. jQuery is not my area of expertise, so I'm not sure how to proceed forward, but I am sure this can be done ... albeit in a tricky way. Thanks in advance.
Jun 6 2018, 11:32 AM

My co-admin is using Firefox and has a lot of visual issues with the site that I cannot seem to explain.

I first discovered that Firefox was rendering custom web fonts to be bolder and larger than they normally are, which seems to be a common issue that Firefox has as each browser will render them differently.

Now it seems that the positioning I'm using for images works in Google Chrome (my browser) as intended, but is shifted by a few pixels in Firefox, which causes an issue with the display.

Chrome (working as intended):
Firefox (not working as intended):

I haven't touched Firefox in years but nonetheless, I want to have my site as cross-compatible as possible. Is there any fix for this that anyone knows about? It's not a jcink related issue per say but I'm at a loss here.

Quick Edit: I'm using the following code in my CSS:

@-moz-document url-prefix() {
   .brdimg-6, brdimg-7{

It's a good fix for when the site detects that someone is running Firefox, but really is there no better fix?
Jun 5 2018, 01:54 PM
Edit: Managed to get it working. Floats are just sensitive, I guess.
May 21 2018, 07:21 PM

I made some edits to the html template for my topic row. It worked just fine when one topic existed but I tested it out by making a new thread and I realized the positioning for some elements is screwy, because everything has disappeared for my second thread.

I have experience with the other html templates (board statistics, mini profile, main profile, etc.) but this is my first time working on the topic row so I'm not sure the best way to go about this.

Thanks in advance.

My code:

<div style="width:980px;padding-top:15px;padding-bottom:15px;border-top:1px solid #1c1c1c;border-bottom:1px solid #1c1c1c;">
<div style="width:980px;padding:20px;background-color:#fff;height:140px;overflow:hidden;">

<td valign="middle"><div style="position:relative;top:-130px;left:50px;"><div style="font:16px 'Playfair Display',serif;font-weight:600;color:#4d0404;width:260px;text-transform:uppercase;margin-right:20px;"><!-- |go_new_post| --><!-- |prefix| --><!-- |topic| --> <!-- |pages| --> </div><br><div style="font:8px 'Montserrat',sans-serif;color:#1c1c1c;text-transform:uppercase;letter-spacing:2px;text-align:justify;"><!-- |topic_desc| --> </div></div></td>

<td valign="middle">
<div style="position:relative;top:-130px;left:100px;">
<div style="position:relative;width:200px;font:8px 'Montserrat',sans-serif;color:#1c1c1c;text-transform:uppercase;letter-spacing:2px;text-align:right;">created by</div>
<div style="font:13px 'Playfair Display',serif;font-weight:600;color:#4d0404;width:260px;text-transform:uppercase;text-align:right;margin-top:-5px;position:relative;left:-60px;"> <!-- |starter| --> </div></div></td>

<td valign="middle">
<div style="position:relative;top:-130px;left:180px;">
<div style="position:relative;width:200px;font:8px 'Montserrat',sans-serif;color:#1c1c1c;text-transform:uppercase;letter-spacing:2px;text-align:right;"><a href='<!-- |last_post_url| -->'>last post by</a></div>
<div style="font:13px 'Playfair Display',serif;font-weight:600;color:#4d0404;width:260px;text-transform:uppercase;text-align:right;margin-top:-5px;position:relative;left:-60px;"> <!-- |last_poster| --> </div>
<div style="position:relative;width:200px;font:7px 'Montserrat',sans-serif;color:#1c1c1c;text-transform:uppercase;letter-spacing:2px;text-align:right;"> <!-- |last_post| --> </div></div></td>
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