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 Rules & Information, Follow the latest developments.
Welcome to the JFB Development News forum.

The premise of this forum is simple: any new feature/addon/something gets accepted, I start working on it. The progress will be posted here in the form of a new topic for the feature, and information about it in the form of new replies.

I will post updates if I have them, on what I'm working on. You'll find screen shots, and sneak peeks. Things I've done today for development, etc. You can ask questions here about the project being worked on and comment what you think about information posted. We want to hear from you! Basically, it's a forum allowing you guys to follow along and be a part of the development of things as they happen.

Only staff and myself can make topics here. You can't make new threads, but you reply to mine. Locked topics are frozen for archive when feature development and questioning is finally finished.

There are some ground rules.

What NOT to post here:

A few rules to this thread:

#1. Don't ask "when it's going to be done" in the topic. If I knew that, I'd post it.

2. Don't ask "what are you working on now" It's always going to be on the first page of this topic.
3. Don't ask "How's it going?" If I have news, I'll post it.
4. Don't suggest something totally irrelevant to the thread. Example: "I think the IbStore needs feature x, why are you doing this?" when the current project is that we're adding new upgrades and features to the arcade. Suggest that stuff in NEW threads. It's just off topic and annoying to do it here.

Any posts that fit the above will simply be erased or ignored.

Remember, this section is just a loose discussion area to let you all comment and talk about what is being worked on. We want you to feel open here to talk about what's being developed, so go ahead and let us know your thoughts as you watch things get made!

Try to keep it constructive, if there's something you don't like, then please explain why you don't like it - and we may decide to change it!

email: :: blog: John C.
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