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Mar 21 2018, 11:55 PM
i currently have a script in place on my site that hides all fields with the class "remove" on them, as long as those fields contain the word "false". so far it has worked for me, given that i've mainly had smaller projects populated only by people i know pretty well so it's easy enough to get them to actually........fill the fields out properly.

however i'm currently working on a much bigger project and i'd really like to hide all fields with the class "remove" that are just blank - without having to put anything in the field at all. i'd also like to be able to do this with links where there's no content for the url, if that's possible?

the script i'm currently using to accomplish this with the "false" requirement is


$("a[href*='" + false + "']").hide()
Mar 19 2018, 10:08 PM
i'm setting up a new site and trying to make use of the reputation system. i've looked at this guide for help but i'm running into a problem. the guide says that the <!-- |rep| --> variable in the miniprofile will show both the rep value AND the controls to add/remove rep within the thread; however, that isn't happening for me. i'm only getting the rep value. if i look at the list of variables for custom html templates, the miniprofile section also includes this variable - <!-- |rep_options| --> - which i assume refers to the part that i'm missing but when i plug that variable in it doesn't do anything and inspect element just shows me that as a string rather than that it's returning me any values.
Mar 19 2018, 10:08 PM
Nov 6 2017, 12:55 AM
super helpful topic title lol.

so i run a private sandbox site. some of the plots/characters on the site revolve around sensitive content. i ask all my friends to tag threads in their topic titles if they include anything like this, and we all have out of character accounts where we list the things that make us uncomfortable, etc - i'd like to go a little further though in protecting my friends and their sensitivities so what i'd like is this -

i want to be able to set up a custom profile field with a yes/no option that's basically "does this character involve sensitive content" - if they say no, then nothing happens, but if they say yes, then a "warning" comes up at the top of their profile just to be super clear.

additionally, it would be GREAT to have another field where, if you select yes, you can also fill out exactly what the sensitive subjects are.

obvs i can set up these custom fields, and i know how to write the html/css - but idk how to do the script to make this happen where it can be toggled? so if someone could help me with that it would be stellar xoxo ur all amazing.
Nov 4 2017, 11:31 PM
so if i upload something to the file manager, obvs it provides a direct link to that file - however, the file is wrong? it still provides me with an http link rather than https, but then my files don't actually work.
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