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Mar 4 2018, 11:05 PM
hey guys,
an admin and i have just noticed an issue when it comes to skins on chrome + safari not being exactly right. i have another issue but i'll just put that under this one b/c it isn't as big.

the site is:

so the board statistics looks perfect on my end, chrome. but for her - who is on safari - it looks wonky. here's some images:

does anyone have any fixes? we're having similar issues with the forum row on with the dark shape, but it actually looks fine for safari and not great for chrome (although it was the opposite but the admin fixed it on her end without realising the issue was browser viewing.) if you guys know how to make it look nice on BOTH browsers, that would be great. it looks 100% fine on firefox also.

issue 2 ) on the peach2 skin, the top header where the name + the links are, anywhere that's blank space toggles the cbox, rather than just the ion icon dedicated for that. can someone tell me why? i can't figure that out either
Feb 20 2018, 04:17 PM
this is the testing site:

so i only started coding this skin yesterday and it's been giving me troubles since i started but most of the issues i figured out.

the cbox toggle, the big icon on the left, was working when i went to sleep but now it isn't and i can't figure it out why it's suddenly not closing! please help c:
Jan 19 2018, 05:33 PM
hey there!
i'm an admin for a harry potter site that's currently not premium and we were considering upgrading; however, we just have a few questions we wanted to ask before making our decision.

1) so we understand that you can link the premium across 5 boards, i believe. the question is, if we unsubscribed from one and put the board back down to the free version, would the other boards still have premium? what if it was the board that made the payment that was decided to go back down to free, would the other boards also lose the premoum?
2) can we upgrade to premium if we weren't the original root administrator - we have access to the root account and we've then changed the email to one of our own; but the email + the ip address that the board was registered in, we do not have access too.
3) if we cancel early, do we get our money back? we are looking at getting the one year one if we do buy premium, so this is why we're asking about refund policies.

4) unrelated to premium: since we aren't the original maker of the board, what happens if something happens (hopefully not) and the board will need restoring? would the fact that we're not the root member make this difficult?
Jan 14 2018, 02:55 AM

basically i just can't click the scrollbar on the cbox. it's not that much of a problem for me because i can use my mousepad, but it could be for others! i can't seem to see the issue. please help
Jan 10 2018, 04:17 AM
as the title suggests, the scripts on our skin suddenly stopped working and i can't figure out why!

our site is + thank you in advance!!
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