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Aug 15 2012, 10:37 PM
so, i don't know if this is the right place to put this? but i was curious--i have many accounts on my forum and, at first, the first few accounts i linked were in the order in which i linked them. but as time went on and i linked more, they went totally out of order and crazy. i just actually wanted to know if that's just...what they do, or if there's a code to put them in either alphabetical order or the order in which you liked them or made the accounts? i didn't know if that was just how it worked or if maybe its a bug or something. ha, thanks to anyone that has an info for me board is here, if you need it; i'm the admin, clearly.
Jun 16 2012, 09:05 PM
i'd like to know, at the very least, if there's something that can be done about stolen coding? i have examples of the coding stolen from me that i can provide if there's something that can be done about it if the admins of the other forum refuse to change it, or if it doesn't change enough. i asked them to either credit me or change it and one of the admins claimed that another admin 'coded everything from scratch'; which is kind of funny, considering the fact that my site is older than theirs and *i* coded everything on my site. they didn't even bother to rename the div ids in the css. so yes, given i provide screencapped examples and they don't actually change it to the point where its nowhere near my coding, can something be done?
Jun 12 2012, 07:49 PM
well hi there! alright, i haven't had any trouble with the boards up until this point, and you guys are totally awesome. love jcink. but recently we've had some bouts of spam--you know, the messages that come in that are all hjfjgIUTGgdjgxc and nonsense--in boards that don't allow guests to post; namely the 'updates' and 'important' boards. i checked the permissions at least three times and they're all set to members and admins can post/start topics and that guests can only READ the topics in there. so i really have no idea why the spambots are even able to post. i mean, i hope i don't have a code that overrides that or anything and i'd hate to have to hide all my boards to guests and recreate the ones with the wonky permissions, but i will if i have to. anyway, thanks so much for looking and helping in advance c: HERE'S MY BOARD--definitely don't recommend looking at it in IE. doesn't quite work right.
Dec 31 2011, 04:09 PM
board url:
profile sample:

i loooove the advanced code, btw, but i don't know
if this is because i'm new to jcink or what, but i feel
that something in my coding is conflicting with the
coding of the profile template. in firefox, at the very
least, the 'my content' section of the profile is stretched
out--almost as if there was padding added to the left side
of it, though i only use top and bottom padding on the
maintitle--on my site and another site i've looked into.
but not on another site i checked out. i looked into their
coding and my own, couldn't find a difference, so i'd
love to know what was going on to stretch this out.
as, like i said, i visited another forum on firefox and
it didn't have that problem. thank you in advance!
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