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 Change advertisement container color? [SOLVED]
So, I know you can change the background colour of the advertisement container by styling row4, but I was wondering, since John is constantly adding new CSS classes to work with the HTML templates, if one could be made for the ad container? Or if the row4 could just be removed from it so it's a teeny tiny little advertisement that can just sit there and look ugly all on its own until I decide to buck up and pay for premium?

I'm currently working on a skin where the row4 background colour would clash with the board header area, and I just want it to be seamless and beautiful and it's not and my OCD is making me cry ):

I'm sure javascript could do something to change it but I literally do not want to a.) deal w/ that or b.) violate ToS for ~aesthetics.
We don't have a specific css element on the ads purposefully to make them harder to just hide. You can add a class to it using JS if you want though, that alone will not violate ToS.

email: :: blog: John C.
Thanks, John. c: I'll see what I can do.

This can be marked solved.
This is what I used before paying for premium.

$("td.row4").first().css("background-color", "transparent");
$("#ST td.row4").last().css("background-color", "transparent");
This topic has been solved. If you need anymore help please post a new thread. Thanks for choosing Jcink services.

email: :: blog: John C.
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