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 Issues with Alignment - custom post row
I'm having issues with getting my posts to center align on my forum. The second post in this thread is the example:

I've test the code on another forum and it works properly there, so I'm assuming there's a conflict somewhere in the custom HTML or skin that's interfering. I've tried every variation of <center> <div align="center"> [align=center] etc, and none of those are working for me. Thanks in advance!
Er, looks like both posts are centered to me?
# I'm an idiot. I just realized I was viewing the site with the browser zoomed in. But when I zoom in, the posts lose their alignment. It's not a huge deal, but is that something I can correct or just part of the zoom?

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Hard to tell since I can't reproduce your issue with Chrome or Firefox, but you may be able to put a margin:auto; on .postcontent to fix it
I'm using Chrome. I tried that and it didn't fix anything, but I'm not going to stress about it since the site displays correctly otherwise. Thanks!
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