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 Questions re: miniprofile, Color, hiding
I've got a couple questions about Custom Mini-profile. I thought I had 3, but it seems only 2.

I've just added a new Custom Profile Field. I'm hoping to make it so that the field that isn't filled out will be hidden. I found this thread from 2 years ago but have to admit it is quite confusing.

Also, I also decided to add "Status" to the Mini-profile as well and wanted to make it look Generic (Green for Online and Red for Offline). I couldn't really find anything on it, so is it possible to make Online and Offline different colors?

If not, I suppose it doesn't really matter much.

Question #1 - This is probably going to have to be done through Javascript. When you're asking for help with your specific forum, please link to an example of what you're asking for help from cause more often than not this is difficult to impossible to answer without the content.

Question #2 - Find the following in your miniprofile:

<!-- |status| -->

Replace it with this:

<span class="mp-<!-- |status| -->"><!-- |status| --></span>

Then add this to the bottom of your CSS (stylesheet):

.mp-Online {color: green} .mp-Offline {color: red}

Kindly do not contact me on Discord or PM me for support.

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Didn't think about adding my board because I suppose it's more or less a General I figured the thread I liked would have given someone a idea of this issue.

My board:
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