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 Member/Guest User Links
Back again with some ridiculous questions because I've messed things up again.

I had this all set up the way that I wanted it when I viewed it as an admin. But when I tried to view it as a guest I was seeing the Admin CP and all the member links. So I was trying to fix that and ended up messing the whole thing up! Now I have screwed it all up and can't figure out how to fix it. I am figuring I have too many or not enough closing divs for one thing but can't seem to get it right. So I am in need of help!!

What I am hoping for is the red box that says Welcome to be up along side the placeholder icon in the green box. It was up beside it at one point and that is where it should be. However now it is all wonky. (This should say Welcome Guest or Welcome -membernamehere- which I think I have that part working.)

Then obviously the links are not as they should be. As a guest all of them are showing instead of just the register and login. As a member/admin all the links are showing. I want the Guest links to take place of the member/admin ones obviously. The admin ones are where they should be. The guest ones are not.

When I try and login to the board the gray pattern border I have around the board doesn't extend all the way down and so therefore none of the login info can really be read. I don't know how to make any of that better.

Lastly I am pretty sure since I don't have the guests set up right, I doubt I have the Admin CP set up correctly so it is only viewable to Admins. But I can't tell for sure because all the links overlap :S

I feel like I have made this a hot mess and should just stick to premades :S :S

Site Link?

Test Member Account: test account
Password test123

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Attached Image

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<script type="text/javascript">
if ($('#reg-link').length) {
} else {

That code should sort out the links issue.

Validate your HTML before we proceed to try and fix it.

user posted image

I put that script code in but it doesn't seem to have done anything. Maybe I put it in the wrong place? I tried moving it around a little bit and couldn't seem to get it to do anything.

I went in and validated the html and got rid of the excess </div> tags that were in there. The sidebar with the links however is still all messed up.

I just can't figure out what I am doing wrong it is so discouraging.
Try placing it below the <% COPYRIGHT %> tag.

user posted image
That worked!!!! Now just the formatting of the sidebar itself :/
Your HTML/CSS for the sidebar is kind of messy, but with the way it currently is, you can simply use positioning to place the welcome box where it should be.
left: 115px;
top: -145px;

Apply that to the .ulname selector in your CSS.

user posted image
It really is a hot mess. Perhaps one day I will redo it, when I hopefully understand things a little better because right now I can't make heads or tails of anything over there. I appreciate all of your help Cory! That work around worked great.
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