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Nov 6 2017, 12:55 AM
super helpful topic title lol.

so i run a private sandbox site. some of the plots/characters on the site revolve around sensitive content. i ask all my friends to tag threads in their topic titles if they include anything like this, and we all have out of character accounts where we list the things that make us uncomfortable, etc - i'd like to go a little further though in protecting my friends and their sensitivities so what i'd like is this -

i want to be able to set up a custom profile field with a yes/no option that's basically "does this character involve sensitive content" - if they say no, then nothing happens, but if they say yes, then a "warning" comes up at the top of their profile just to be super clear.

additionally, it would be GREAT to have another field where, if you select yes, you can also fill out exactly what the sensitive subjects are.

obvs i can set up these custom fields, and i know how to write the html/css - but idk how to do the script to make this happen where it can be toggled? so if someone could help me with that it would be stellar xoxo ur all amazing.
Nov 4 2017, 11:31 PM
so if i upload something to the file manager, obvs it provides a direct link to that file - however, the file is wrong? it still provides me with an http link rather than https, but then my files don't actually work.
Oct 25 2017, 02:17 AM
honestly i'm not sure if this is possible but? it would be awesome if we could set the sort order for pinned topics in a forum independently of the other settings? like..........i still want to have the topics where people are roleplaying sorted by last post, but then say i have 3 topics pinned to the top of the forum, and i want those to be in alphabetical order, if that makes sense?
Jul 31 2017, 09:46 AM
would it be possible for you to set a max-width on images in .postcolor? i was just PMing with someone and when an image is sent that's too wide it does this:

which is..........obviously a problem lol.


update b/c for some reason in PMs it opens up like that and i have to refresh the page to get it to shrink the image so i can actually see the reply button? it's weird af.
Jul 18 2017, 09:00 AM
age verification [SOLVED]
So my site used to have premium on it but I stopped being able to pay for that so it lapsed and I had to convert it back to a free board. However, one of my members now cannot view any of the topics. No matter what she does, it asks for age verification - if she enters her bday, it takes her to her control panel, and then if she goes to the index and tries to view a thread again it just restarts the cycle.
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